Bonefish is a rock band from Stockholm, Sweden formed in 2010 by singer/songwriter Bie Karlsson.

In their second full length album ”Atoms” Bonefish is taking their 70s and 80s influences well into 21st century in Max Lorentz’ fine and innovative production. Some of the blues flavours have been toned down but the foundation of the 11 compositions are still Americana garnished with Art Rock and Brit Rock influences.

During 2018 Bonefish have been touring Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. In May 2019 the band will again tour Germany as well as playing occasional gigs in Sweden, see TOUR section for details.

Bonefish are: Bie Karlsson, Matte Norberg, Rasmus Rasmusson and Anders Nylle Thoor.

Photo by: Tuva Rahmberg

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