They´re sending back

They’re sending back all the Animals
From the Anaconda to the Zebra
Maybe they get it back on the totals
Hard to understand the algebra

They’re sending back the Mammals of the ocean
All the big Whales from the deep
How can they do it without emotion?
Like it was something bought real cheap

They’re sending back
They’re sending back
They’re sending back
They’re sending back

All the plants been sent back too
They all looked like if they were new
And the plankton of the glittering sea
Have they noticed our return fee?

Now the air and soil are coming back
Do they even want the shining Sun?
Seems like their party soon will crack
Can’t imagine that being any sort of fun

They’re sending back…

How will all people stay alive?
They must have some kind of secret plan
Or how else will they ever thrive?
They’ve been doing fine since it all began

“Well”, said the boss, “the break is ended”
“If Mankind don’t want this planet’s splendid”
“It’s not our thing, we’re just the crew”
“We’ll just have to send it to someone new”

They’re sending back…

© Bie Karlsson, FishboneMusic Publishing