All songs written by Bie Karlsson, except #8 written by Bie Karlsson and Anders Nylle Thoor.

Produced by Bie Karlsson

All tracks recorded at Decibel studios, Stockholm by Dag Lundqvist, except #5 recorded by Tommy Andersson with additional recording by Dag Lundqvist.

Additional musicians: Max Lorentz, Mija Folkesson, Greta Folkesson, Fredrik Oscarsson, Martin Pålsson, Viktor Sand.

Mixed by Dag Lundquist (1, 4, 5, 7) and Jonas Nordelius (2, 3, 6)
Mastered by Classe Persson, CRP

Cover art: (tempera and oil on canvas) by Ulf Rahmberg
Artwork by Ancha Ahlbertz